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Snowshoe Baseball: It's really a thing in Northern Wisconsin

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

“If it is stupid but it works, it isn't stupid. (a Shin'a'in saying)” ― Mercedes Lackey

Have YOU ever heard of Snowshoe Baseball? You have if you're someone who lives in Northern Wisconsin. But if you're someone who lives in California, Florida, or New York, you most likely haven't....and you're probably thinking 'what the heck are snowshoes?'

Trust me, I thought the same thing when I moved here from Cali. People kept telling me that snowshoeing was fun, but I had no idea what it was. That was until I actually tried it. Snowshoes are just shoes that are designed to be worn for walking in the snow. According to my good friend, Wikipedia...

"Snowshoes work by distributing the weight of the person over a larger area so that the person's foot does not sink completely into the snow, a quality called "flotation." Snowshoeing is a form of hiking."

You can see what traditional snowshoes look like in my video above. There are more modern designs, but they mostly work the same (I'm guessing.)

Now, back to the question - what is snowshoe baseball? Basically...it's the game of baseball/softball, but you're wearing snowshoes (without the snow to walk on) while you play! It's nuts, but, oh, so fun!

I played my first game this past Monday night with my WJFW-TV team. Most of the newsroom drove out to Lake Tomahawk to play with the Snowhawks - A men's snowshoe baseball team that plays regularly, and are good!

We mixed up each crew to create two teams so each squad would have a fair shot at winning. If those guys played against WJFW, we would have got creamed!

The game ended up being a blast. I fell like 20 times trying to run to first base in my snowshoes. It was hilarious; definitely an experience I'll remember. Plus, it was a special bonding opportunity for our news staff. That's always a big positive!

Watch the video above for some snowshoe baseball action for my team and me!


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